The Climb Out In 3rd

For those of us that adore indoor cycling class, we all have a movement or a transition that speaks to​ us. When I first started going to classes, I loathed being in a standing run with low resistance, with my hands in 2nd, h​owever, I was hooked when we were summoned to walk our hands out into 3rd and push our pace on a medium sized hill. That movement of getting your body positioned, bracing for​yourself for that change of energy ​while in the saddle or standing is one of the most addictive and motivating movements (obviously in my opinion). I love nothing more than a song with a simple beat but one that speaks to you as if it was composed just for a climb with your hands in 3rd position. The combination of the beat and your ​own rhythm adaptation yields a great focus to never want to ​fall out of sync and to ​continue creating your own music ​on the edge of those handlebars ​while enjoying the music.

For this particular class I did this past Wednesday I wanted to ​do ​standing climbs but I didn’t want to do anything t​o​o drawn out. I didn’t want to climb for a long time in the saddle and then move it out and pick the pace up. I wanted something that we could do multiple times without losing gusto every time we did it. So, what I opted for was a patterned and repeated ride.
We started warming up to ​the JT song, which​ was perfect because its 7 minutes. We did about 5-6 quick little picks up on a flat road to get the blood flowing and then during the latter part we added a low hill and built it up to a medium hill. The first hill we did was right after when we rode to Rhythm by MNEK. We picked our pace up three times in 3rd position for 30 seconds to get that heart rate up and set the pace for our ride. The next song was isolations. Good For You by Selena Gomez I thought would be a good one for this. We held the isolations during the verse and did slow 4-count jumps from the saddle to standing during the chorus. Next was speed work. We did sprints to Lucky Strike by Maroon5. We did two for 15 seconds and then the third was 30. When we reached Can’t Feel My Face, that was the beginning of the second time through. So the pattern here is a hill out in ​3rd (for the second and third times we were out in third, we didn’t pick the pace up, we just added resistance as the song progressed), some sort of jumps/isolations and then speed (the first and second time through we were up in standing during the verse and then either sprinted or hit 75% of max cadence. Then for the third speed song we sprinted. Started with 75% then hit 100%. 30 seconds total x3)!
When we hit that cool down and looked ​back on what we ​did, it was a lot of work but so rewarding. I find that these types of rides are great for people who are goal oriented. The goal was to do three rounds of a hill, a jump/iso and then speed. You just tick one song off at a time. There are no real surprises…you know what to expect so no matter how tired you are, you want to keep working towards completing all of the songs in the pattern. Also, I wanted to be out in 3rd and enjoy being out of the saddle while adding resistance. I believe 3rd position is not only fun but one of the best for mental health. See the playlist below!
The ride of the week

The ride of the week


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