Le Summer Glow

Many of you I’m sure go through phases with your face makeup. Depending on the season, your lady cycle and factors like how many extra minutes of sleep can you squeeze in by minimizing your routine all come in to play. Because it’s the summer, I have opted for lighter coverage and lighter feeling bases (how unoriginal). In general, I typically go for the BB Cream or a sheer foundation and then go in with a heavier concealer to pick up where the base left off. For this post I will inform you all of what my routine has been. I have been sticking to this for about two weeks now. It’s simple, effective and is long lasting.

Hydration – Indeed Lab’s Hydraluron

After I wash my face I put a sizable amount of this all over, including my T-zone and chin. It has no scent, is a little thick (not gloopy) and I think it really helps counteract my drying acne treatments – salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. During the day I tend to choose lighter moisturizers and this just is really giving it to me this month. I know Hydraluron was all the rage about a year ago in the UK but I recently found it in an Ulta (I picked up Hyrdraluron and Pepta Bright) and let out a high pitched screech because I was so happy about the price tag. People do say it takes too long to sink in, but I would have to disagree! Love this!

Primer – Laura Mercier’s Radiance Primer

Holy grail product. Great sleek packaging that is perfect for traveling. Awesome value and formula. If you don’t have this, go get it. It lasts forever. So, I start with this as a primer and apply with fingers and long strokes. I use maybe only a pinky nail’s worth and work it into my skin with a light hand. The effect is a lovely, light catching effect. Next purchase for me  from LM will be the Bronze Radiance…same product but with more of a tint. I think when the cooler months start I will convince myself that I will need it.

Base – Maybelline’s Dream Bronze BB

Ok….I saw this and thought, hmmmm…..I picked it up….I put it down and then went back to pick up before I left.. My thoughts were that I liked that it bronzed my skin and looked natrual. I had heard good things about Maybelline’s BB Cream and thought, this product would tickle my fancy. The one thing I kept going back and forth on was the color (hence the decision to put it in my Ulta tote and then leave it somewhere only to pick it up later in the hair brush section…we are all guilty of this. Don’t play). There were only two options, so I opted for the darker one. I find this to always be an issue for me. I am not really light/fair and I can be medium so with products that only have one to three options for colors, I usually end up going too dark…but I don’t know…that’s why we have blending brushes right?  Anyways…It is a great option for those days you need to get out the door but you need a little oomph. Its not a ton of coverage but gives that sun kissed effect and glistens up the skin perfectly. It is in no way glittery and helps soften some of my acne scars.

To Seal the Deal – MAC’s Prep and Prime Fix+ Yuzu (Limited Edition)

Alrighty so this product easily is my favorite in the lineup. I know that there is a little bit of a sprtiz fritz going on in the makeup sector. I’m aware L’Oreal makes an awesome setting spray as well as Urban Decay. My roommate made a MAC trip with without me and she picked up this key lime colored stuff. She let me try hers and wow…game changer.  SHOUT OUT TO DA ROOMIE!!!! It made my skin look so dewy and just took that edge off my base. The smell was fabulous and obviously very refreshing. True story: I bought one of these, broke it, and re-ordered it a day later. HOWEVER, act fast this product is limited edition. Other ‘flavors’ (I  guess you could say) include coconut, cucumber, rose and lavender. They do have the regular Fix+ always available but this SAINTPEHTSWAHYUZU is off the chain (What even is Yuzu…how did MAC decide to make this a scent). Without this final step I do not feel like my routine is complete. Every time I spray it on and look in the mirror about five minutes later I literally am just like…


Anyways! Here are the products below. The order in which I wrote about them is the same in photo!


Thank you for reading!



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