Eye Makeup Removers…the quest for the perfect one

I don’t know about all of you, but I take my eye makeup removal very seriously. I have horrible memories of being in middle school feverishly rubbing scrubbing my eyes with a cotton ball (now I’m a devoted cotton pad gal) trying to remove my waterproof mascara. Because my eyelashes are stick straight I used to curl them with childish enthusiasm to create lashes a la Twiggy. To achieve this I used to use two to three mascaras. A little part of me inside smiled when I would look up and feel the tips of my lashes skim my brow bone (it does not take much to make me happy). However, this routine always caused me to have brittle and dry lashes as well as a raw eye area. I used my mom’s Maybelline Expert Eyes for washable eye makeup which was a very light, soapy texture which did me no favors. I remember buying the Maybelline Expert Eyes for waterproof makeup instead as soon as I monetarily could afford to do so. It did a better job of removing my mascara, but it was so oily and thick.

My first succesful remover was the Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover. It was awesome. A bi-phase formula that cut through any formula after a good soak. It was also well priced. It is still a staple for me. If I ever am in a pinch, I will gladly even grab the CVS brand of this stuff.  However, being a total beauty fanatic, I eventually moved away from the Neutrogena and explored other options…I wasn’t convinced it was the best OR the only one of its kind on the market.

Fast forward to today… the age of cleansing balms…micellar waters…and all things gentle but effective. I stand strong on my opinion of Garnier’s Clean & Nourishing Cleansing Oil. It’s a great affordable option for removing all makeup without stripping my skin (such an overused phrase, but ‘tis true). I also have used the Clinique Cleansing Balm which is of course a fab offering from Clinique since it is light, breaks through all that gunk on your face and does not sting your eyes. Not to mention for $28.50 you get a well sized tub of it and it sits pretty on your bathroom shelf. I’ve used the cleansing balm by Josie Maran which I think had too many skincare goodies in it. I have super sensitive skin so I think it was just too much for my skin type. It also took a little too much massaging to get it to kick in and do its thing. Plus, with a steep price tag I finished it and didn’t look back at it. For just eye make up I do love me some La Roche Posay Toleraine Dermo Cleanser which is a creamy formula. I wait until I get in the shower and then put some of that stuff on my finger tips and just coax my eyelashes to give up the gunk. It can be found at CVS which is so convenient and it lasts awhile. It is a great option for those with sensitive skin that need something that gives a little something back to the skin.

Sometimes I use my cleansing balms to get everything off, sometimes I use just my eye makeup remover and then go in with a cleanser. If I am really in for a pamper I use an eye makeup remover, then use my cleansing balm/oil for the rest of my face and then actually use a cleanser to officially clean the skin. While I was in CVS the other day, I was poking around and stumbled upon two products in the somewhat nicer skin care section…you know….the ones with the nice backlighting that are kind of separated from everything else? These two products come from two French pharmacy brands, which are obviously two girl instaboners. The first, Lierac and the second, Vichy.

From Lierac, I purchased a cleansing oil. I have used it two days in a row so far and am really enjoying its functionality. It is sort of on the thicker side but when mixed with the heat of your skin and massaged after a few seconds it emulsifies a little bit and starts breaking down the grime. It’s claim to fame is that it is has honey in it which is antibacterial and very nourishing. It could become a staple! We shall see! Since it is sold at a drugstore just amplifies the love because of the convenience. I also am a fan of pumps for distributing product. The price is well put – $26.

The second is from Vichy. I love all things Vichy. Their hydrating serums, their acne line and eye creams are phenom. Just amazing. So, I thought let’s give this Micellar Water a go. Micellar waters and I get along, however the only one I have really tried is Bioderma. I know it is a holy grail product in France but its a b*tch to get over here in the US and that price tag ain’t dat cute! SO…ENTER IN VICHY. I have used this the past two days as well…no rubbing…no scrubbing…no stinging…did I mention the packaging is freakin’ divine??? I have been putting a decent sized amount on a cotton pad and lightly swiping the pad across my eye area.

Pictures are below for all of you to gawk over!



IMG_5870 IMG_5871 IMG_5873 IMG_5874


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