Hello world!

Hello everyone.

WordPress automatically populated the title of this blog post and at first I tried to think of the most epic title since it is my first rodeo, but then thought ‘screw it, this is good enough’. I think I will take this time to formally introduce myself and give you an explanation of what this blog will have to offer.

First and foremost, I’m a twenty-something living in Southie with my bestie from college. I’ve got an awesome boyfriend and a great family…oh and a job…I am not jobless here people. This blog is not strictly for making it big, but more as a creative outlet for me.  I’ve played with the idea of starting a blog for so long and just RANDOMLY decided ‘I’m doing this’ (that was yesterday that I just RANDOMLY decided this…while at my desk…at work. Mondays are NOT my thing. I’d rather be at work on a Friday completely hungover than hear ‘How was your weekend’ or ‘Looks like you had a lot of fun from reading your Facebook’ *side-note: I’m unfriending you ASAP*). But anyways, I hope that this blog appeals not just to those that are obsessed with spending a quarter half of their paycheck at Sephora, Ulta, Blue Mercury (for us Beantown girls), or even an impressive CVS (serious girl boner for the South Station CVS) but also to those chicks that like to workout, love to try to new restaurants, drinks, DRANKS and have got a little bit of attitude/spunk/sass/chutzpah/*enter in fun ass adjective here*. I teach Spin at a couple locations in the city. It started as very small obsession when I decided to hit a class instead of going on my torturous 5k run to train for soccer preseason. I will be sure to upload playlists, post some ass kicking workouts and hopefully keep some of you readers motivated to not ditch on the daily sweat sess.

Happy reading everyone! Have a great week. The first official and themed post will be hitting your feeds shortly. 

exes and ohs  <– LMAO NO



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