A Word on Milani Blushes…

Does anyone remember these?
Milani Runway Eyes Fashion Shadows
If you do, they were my introduction to Milani. They had these Runway Eyes in pinks and grays as well.  I used these LONG before UD ever came ever with their Naked palettes. In college these palettes were my go-to!!!! After purchasing a couple I started to really enjoy Milani and what the brand had to offer. Their lip glosses smell divine and are pretty pigmented, plus very easy to store in your pocket for a night on the town….you know those nights when you don’t even want to bring a clutch and just want to be a free bitch and not have to worry about “LIKE OMG WHERE DID I PUT MY CLUTCH?! I think I left it in bathroom…Oh shet, maybe I left it at like the bar”. We all know it has happened. But anyways, this post is about their blush. I think we all know that drugstore blush can be difficult. If you are someone like me who LOVES BLUSH I tend to take my ass to a Sephora or friggen MAC where my favorite formulas and colors thrive, however these two from Milani are high up there on my favorites.
So the great thing about these two blushes is that they are great for day or night and what I love most is that they are fabulous for those days when you want to wear a bold lip. I think it is really important to have an arsenal of blushes that look well with your more statement lipsticks because no one wants to see a girl that looks like a Madame Alexander doll and also its sort of a skill to find THAT right blush to go with THAT bold lippy.
Baked Powder Blush in Luminoso
So versatile. Puts that radiance right back into your face piece. I not only wear this in the summer time on top of bronzer but in the wintertime. Because it has a great amount of sparkle and pizzazz I think it is a great light reflection option. It gives a healthy oomph to the face in the winter time but does not make you look like a disco ball in the summer. It deposits just the perfect amount of peachyness and does not get ruddy so you can use this quite generously. I have a lipstick called Sangria by Milani that is a matte, dark grape color and this pairing is awesome. Sometimes if I just gotta get out the door, I use this and sculpt my cheek bones with it. I apply it to my apples and then sweep up back towards my hair for that subtle but healthy look.
image3 (1)
Rose Powder Blush in Tea Rose
This blush is one of their newest additions to their collection and I must admit I am a sucker for the rose shape. My roommate and I would go into a CVS and gawk over how cute they were. One day, I came home and she had bought one for herself and one for me. ANOTHER SHOUT OUT TO DA ROOMIE. She chose Coral Cove and mine is Tea Rose. Tea Rose has got a hint of mauve and applies so smoothly. The color is a mix of things. It’s a little peachy and a little pink but gives the most beautiful warmth to the face. It is matte which I love and there is a lot of blush in that pan! I use it maybe once or twice a week and that rose design has yet to breakdown. You can build it up if you wish, or just do a light dusting if you are a little blush timid.
image4 (1)
I highly recommend either of these colors and/or the range. They are priced perfectly and are great for everyday and can transition nicely for a night time look. They don’t feel chalky and are so light on the skin PLUS easy to blend. Milani I think is the hidden gem of drugstore brands so I am so giddy to share this post!
image2 (1) 
Thanks for reading!

Monday Blues

I think that this Monday for me (so far) has been one of the least painful ones for me. I was able to really relax this weekend. Because it has been my fourth consecutive weekend going home to RI, I feel that I have spent some good quality time with my family and my bf (since he lives in RI). Much of the time when I come home from Boston, I feel the need to make everyone happy and then I feel so guilty when I can’t dedicate as much time to everyone as I’d like. The weather this weekend was bizarre…sunny one minute and the cloudy the next. Even though the weather was a little wishy-washy, I wasn’t upset about it. It was a treat to not have to rush to get to the beach or rush through my workout in order to get outside. I hope everyone had a relaxing but fun weekend. Below are some photos!

El Fuego has the best burritos. This one has french fries in it... enough said.

El Fuego has the best burritos. This one has french fries in it… enough said.

My stepdad grows the tastiest and cutest little tomatoes!

My stepdad grows the tastiest and cutest little tomatoes!

My brother just had go take pics of Worden’s Pond. It was so worth the 10 minute drive. I had never ever been there before!!!


Nate and I decided go kayaking at Narrow River. It was so wonderful out there. We had a rough start but got the hang of it.


These are sunflowers in my apartment. They really brighten up a room and they are still going strong.


Before kayaking, Nate and I took a nice trip to Matunuck Oyster Bar. What a meal!

The Climb Out In 3rd

For those of us that adore indoor cycling class, we all have a movement or a transition that speaks to​ us. When I first started going to classes, I loathed being in a standing run with low resistance, with my hands in 2nd, h​owever, I was hooked when we were summoned to walk our hands out into 3rd and push our pace on a medium sized hill. That movement of getting your body positioned, bracing for​yourself for that change of energy ​while in the saddle or standing is one of the most addictive and motivating movements (obviously in my opinion). I love nothing more than a song with a simple beat but one that speaks to you as if it was composed just for a climb with your hands in 3rd position. The combination of the beat and your ​own rhythm adaptation yields a great focus to never want to ​fall out of sync and to ​continue creating your own music ​on the edge of those handlebars ​while enjoying the music.

For this particular class I did this past Wednesday I wanted to ​do ​standing climbs but I didn’t want to do anything t​o​o drawn out. I didn’t want to climb for a long time in the saddle and then move it out and pick the pace up. I wanted something that we could do multiple times without losing gusto every time we did it. So, what I opted for was a patterned and repeated ride.
We started warming up to ​the JT song, which​ was perfect because its 7 minutes. We did about 5-6 quick little picks up on a flat road to get the blood flowing and then during the latter part we added a low hill and built it up to a medium hill. The first hill we did was right after when we rode to Rhythm by MNEK. We picked our pace up three times in 3rd position for 30 seconds to get that heart rate up and set the pace for our ride. The next song was isolations. Good For You by Selena Gomez I thought would be a good one for this. We held the isolations during the verse and did slow 4-count jumps from the saddle to standing during the chorus. Next was speed work. We did sprints to Lucky Strike by Maroon5. We did two for 15 seconds and then the third was 30. When we reached Can’t Feel My Face, that was the beginning of the second time through. So the pattern here is a hill out in ​3rd (for the second and third times we were out in third, we didn’t pick the pace up, we just added resistance as the song progressed), some sort of jumps/isolations and then speed (the first and second time through we were up in standing during the verse and then either sprinted or hit 75% of max cadence. Then for the third speed song we sprinted. Started with 75% then hit 100%. 30 seconds total x3)!
When we hit that cool down and looked ​back on what we ​did, it was a lot of work but so rewarding. I find that these types of rides are great for people who are goal oriented. The goal was to do three rounds of a hill, a jump/iso and then speed. You just tick one song off at a time. There are no real surprises…you know what to expect so no matter how tired you are, you want to keep working towards completing all of the songs in the pattern. Also, I wanted to be out in 3rd and enjoy being out of the saddle while adding resistance. I believe 3rd position is not only fun but one of the best for mental health. See the playlist below!
The ride of the week

The ride of the week

Le Summer Glow

Many of you I’m sure go through phases with your face makeup. Depending on the season, your lady cycle and factors like how many extra minutes of sleep can you squeeze in by minimizing your routine all come in to play. Because it’s the summer, I have opted for lighter coverage and lighter feeling bases (how unoriginal). In general, I typically go for the BB Cream or a sheer foundation and then go in with a heavier concealer to pick up where the base left off. For this post I will inform you all of what my routine has been. I have been sticking to this for about two weeks now. It’s simple, effective and is long lasting.

Hydration – Indeed Lab’s Hydraluron

After I wash my face I put a sizable amount of this all over, including my T-zone and chin. It has no scent, is a little thick (not gloopy) and I think it really helps counteract my drying acne treatments – salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. During the day I tend to choose lighter moisturizers and this just is really giving it to me this month. I know Hydraluron was all the rage about a year ago in the UK but I recently found it in an Ulta (I picked up Hyrdraluron and Pepta Bright) and let out a high pitched screech because I was so happy about the price tag. People do say it takes too long to sink in, but I would have to disagree! Love this!

Primer – Laura Mercier’s Radiance Primer

Holy grail product. Great sleek packaging that is perfect for traveling. Awesome value and formula. If you don’t have this, go get it. It lasts forever. So, I start with this as a primer and apply with fingers and long strokes. I use maybe only a pinky nail’s worth and work it into my skin with a light hand. The effect is a lovely, light catching effect. Next purchase for me  from LM will be the Bronze Radiance…same product but with more of a tint. I think when the cooler months start I will convince myself that I will need it.

Base – Maybelline’s Dream Bronze BB

Ok….I saw this and thought, hmmmm…..I picked it up….I put it down and then went back to pick up before I left.. My thoughts were that I liked that it bronzed my skin and looked natrual. I had heard good things about Maybelline’s BB Cream and thought, this product would tickle my fancy. The one thing I kept going back and forth on was the color (hence the decision to put it in my Ulta tote and then leave it somewhere only to pick it up later in the hair brush section…we are all guilty of this. Don’t play). There were only two options, so I opted for the darker one. I find this to always be an issue for me. I am not really light/fair and I can be medium so with products that only have one to three options for colors, I usually end up going too dark…but I don’t know…that’s why we have blending brushes right?  Anyways…It is a great option for those days you need to get out the door but you need a little oomph. Its not a ton of coverage but gives that sun kissed effect and glistens up the skin perfectly. It is in no way glittery and helps soften some of my acne scars.

To Seal the Deal – MAC’s Prep and Prime Fix+ Yuzu (Limited Edition)

Alrighty so this product easily is my favorite in the lineup. I know that there is a little bit of a sprtiz fritz going on in the makeup sector. I’m aware L’Oreal makes an awesome setting spray as well as Urban Decay. My roommate made a MAC trip with without me and she picked up this key lime colored stuff. She let me try hers and wow…game changer.  SHOUT OUT TO DA ROOMIE!!!! It made my skin look so dewy and just took that edge off my base. The smell was fabulous and obviously very refreshing. True story: I bought one of these, broke it, and re-ordered it a day later. HOWEVER, act fast this product is limited edition. Other ‘flavors’ (I  guess you could say) include coconut, cucumber, rose and lavender. They do have the regular Fix+ always available but this SAINTPEHTSWAHYUZU is off the chain (What even is Yuzu…how did MAC decide to make this a scent). Without this final step I do not feel like my routine is complete. Every time I spray it on and look in the mirror about five minutes later I literally am just like…


Anyways! Here are the products below. The order in which I wrote about them is the same in photo!


Thank you for reading!


Monday Blues

No matter how fun or how boring my weekend was, I always struggle with Mondays. I never really have gotten along with them. I always feel that no matter how much preparation I did for my work week, I struggle with the start. Even though I am a morning person to the core (yes I was that psychopath in college who always chose to take 8:30am classes) I struggle with putting one foot in front of the other at the beginning of the week. In the summer time I relish long beach days with a good magazine followed by an outdoor dinner and drinks. Living in New England, we wait all year for those twelve weeks of bliss so I always feel guilty when I am inside. Perhaps this is why I have loathed Mondays more than ever! I always love going through my camera roll at the beginning of the week to relive those awesome moments but to also remind myself that the weekend is a permanent fixture in our lives and will be arriving shortly. Below I have included some snippets of my weekend!

I love my Henry. He has been limping around the house the last week or so. He took off in hot pursuit for a rabbit outside. Poor thing <3

I love my Henry. He has been limping around the house the last week or so. He took off in hot pursuit for a rabbit outside. Poor thing ❤

One of my favorite places to eat in my hometown - 210 Oyster Bary and Grille. I never actually choose this dish but just went for it! Finished the whole thing.

One of my favorite places to eat in my hometown – 210 Oyster Bar and Grille. I always considered ordering this dish, but this past weekend I just went for it! I finished the whole thing.

If anyone lives in Southie they know that planes are constantly in their line of vision. The airport is so close to use and they just line right up, one after the other. This one was not flying as low as some of them do but it was a great shot.

If anyone lives in Southie they know that planes are constantly in their line of vision. The airport is so close to us and they just line right up, one after the other. This one was not flying as low as some of them do but it was a great shot.

A view of the city from the jetty. Love this one. You get the whole skyline.

A view of the city from the jetty. You get the whole skyline.

It was little too much to finish in one sitting, but I did it anyways. Brie with stoned wheat crackers is ilfe.

It was little too much to finish in one sitting, but I did it anyways. Brie is life.

On Being a Nudist…

I wish I was one of those girls who reached for a bright lipstick more often than for a nude option. Of course I have a handful of bright lipstick options, but maybe 1 out of 5 times I actually wear it. I am a nude girl to the core. When nude toned pieces came more into a fashion a  few years ago, it was an instant love affair. I love nude nail polish (Holla atcha girl if you love Adore-a-Ball by Essie) and I am an absolute sucker for a tan, v-neck, long sleeved sweater. Partner the nail polish, the sweater and jean shorts with a nude lip and I feel like a flesh-toned fantasy. Needless to say, I have narrowed down three of my favorite nude lip colors to share with you all. They are all so different (remember when Anne Hathaway from Devil Wears Prada laughed at the belts being ‘so different’ during the run through? Then she got that verbal beating from Miranda Priestly? CLASSIC). Don’t laugh people, these lip colors are in fact unique and different.  


Chanel Rouge CoCo Shine – Boy

There are not enough words for this one. I keep this with me at all times. I tend to have at least three lip colors in my purse but if I ever need something a little more moisturizing I grab this. Of the three lipsticks, this one is the most sheer and is my perfect ‘your lips but better’ color. It has little bit of sheen to it and feels so light on the lips. This is my go to lip after the gym and if I need go run errands, meet a friend, etc. (left on the moving hand)

MAC Lustre Lipstick – High Tea

The most gilded options of the three. A little more on the gold side than Boy. It’s great for a night out and can complete any peachy makeup look. I tend to use this when I use MAC’s Woodwinked or All That Glitters with a little cat eye to complete the gold, shimmery effect. It is a little bit thicker than Boy but is not long lasting, but very easy to apply. Plus MAC lipsticks all smell like heaven so I don’t ever mind reapplying this. (middle)

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter  – Creme Brulee

When these came out, I went and purchased almost every shade. The other shade of this that I used to wear like it was going out of style was Creamsicle. However, I do prefer Creme Brulee. This formula is the thickest of the three and has little more of a brown-y feel. It is great at coating the lips, giving a nice high-shine look and feels a little more substantial. Like the previous two, this one is convenient as well. Revlon hit it out of the park with this range, so if this color doesn’t interest you, I guarantee another one would. (right)

Here are a few photos for you all to compare the descriptions too. Since I am quite olive toned, these may not work for everyone so these are not universal options here, but in all of the product lines from which these products come from, I can assure you there is something for everyone.




Eye Makeup Removers…the quest for the perfect one

I don’t know about all of you, but I take my eye makeup removal very seriously. I have horrible memories of being in middle school feverishly rubbing scrubbing my eyes with a cotton ball (now I’m a devoted cotton pad gal) trying to remove my waterproof mascara. Because my eyelashes are stick straight I used to curl them with childish enthusiasm to create lashes a la Twiggy. To achieve this I used to use two to three mascaras. A little part of me inside smiled when I would look up and feel the tips of my lashes skim my brow bone (it does not take much to make me happy). However, this routine always caused me to have brittle and dry lashes as well as a raw eye area. I used my mom’s Maybelline Expert Eyes for washable eye makeup which was a very light, soapy texture which did me no favors. I remember buying the Maybelline Expert Eyes for waterproof makeup instead as soon as I monetarily could afford to do so. It did a better job of removing my mascara, but it was so oily and thick.

My first succesful remover was the Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover. It was awesome. A bi-phase formula that cut through any formula after a good soak. It was also well priced. It is still a staple for me. If I ever am in a pinch, I will gladly even grab the CVS brand of this stuff.  However, being a total beauty fanatic, I eventually moved away from the Neutrogena and explored other options…I wasn’t convinced it was the best OR the only one of its kind on the market.

Fast forward to today… the age of cleansing balms…micellar waters…and all things gentle but effective. I stand strong on my opinion of Garnier’s Clean & Nourishing Cleansing Oil. It’s a great affordable option for removing all makeup without stripping my skin (such an overused phrase, but ‘tis true). I also have used the Clinique Cleansing Balm which is of course a fab offering from Clinique since it is light, breaks through all that gunk on your face and does not sting your eyes. Not to mention for $28.50 you get a well sized tub of it and it sits pretty on your bathroom shelf. I’ve used the cleansing balm by Josie Maran which I think had too many skincare goodies in it. I have super sensitive skin so I think it was just too much for my skin type. It also took a little too much massaging to get it to kick in and do its thing. Plus, with a steep price tag I finished it and didn’t look back at it. For just eye make up I do love me some La Roche Posay Toleraine Dermo Cleanser which is a creamy formula. I wait until I get in the shower and then put some of that stuff on my finger tips and just coax my eyelashes to give up the gunk. It can be found at CVS which is so convenient and it lasts awhile. It is a great option for those with sensitive skin that need something that gives a little something back to the skin.

Sometimes I use my cleansing balms to get everything off, sometimes I use just my eye makeup remover and then go in with a cleanser. If I am really in for a pamper I use an eye makeup remover, then use my cleansing balm/oil for the rest of my face and then actually use a cleanser to officially clean the skin. While I was in CVS the other day, I was poking around and stumbled upon two products in the somewhat nicer skin care section…you know….the ones with the nice backlighting that are kind of separated from everything else? These two products come from two French pharmacy brands, which are obviously two girl instaboners. The first, Lierac and the second, Vichy.

From Lierac, I purchased a cleansing oil. I have used it two days in a row so far and am really enjoying its functionality. It is sort of on the thicker side but when mixed with the heat of your skin and massaged after a few seconds it emulsifies a little bit and starts breaking down the grime. It’s claim to fame is that it is has honey in it which is antibacterial and very nourishing. It could become a staple! We shall see! Since it is sold at a drugstore just amplifies the love because of the convenience. I also am a fan of pumps for distributing product. The price is well put – $26.

The second is from Vichy. I love all things Vichy. Their hydrating serums, their acne line and eye creams are phenom. Just amazing. So, I thought let’s give this Micellar Water a go. Micellar waters and I get along, however the only one I have really tried is Bioderma. I know it is a holy grail product in France but its a b*tch to get over here in the US and that price tag ain’t dat cute! SO…ENTER IN VICHY. I have used this the past two days as well…no rubbing…no scrubbing…no stinging…did I mention the packaging is freakin’ divine??? I have been putting a decent sized amount on a cotton pad and lightly swiping the pad across my eye area.

Pictures are below for all of you to gawk over!



IMG_5870 IMG_5871 IMG_5873 IMG_5874

Hello world!

Hello everyone.

WordPress automatically populated the title of this blog post and at first I tried to think of the most epic title since it is my first rodeo, but then thought ‘screw it, this is good enough’. I think I will take this time to formally introduce myself and give you an explanation of what this blog will have to offer.

First and foremost, I’m a twenty-something living in Southie with my bestie from college. I’ve got an awesome boyfriend and a great family…oh and a job…I am not jobless here people. This blog is not strictly for making it big, but more as a creative outlet for me.  I’ve played with the idea of starting a blog for so long and just RANDOMLY decided ‘I’m doing this’ (that was yesterday that I just RANDOMLY decided this…while at my desk…at work. Mondays are NOT my thing. I’d rather be at work on a Friday completely hungover than hear ‘How was your weekend’ or ‘Looks like you had a lot of fun from reading your Facebook’ *side-note: I’m unfriending you ASAP*). But anyways, I hope that this blog appeals not just to those that are obsessed with spending a quarter half of their paycheck at Sephora, Ulta, Blue Mercury (for us Beantown girls), or even an impressive CVS (serious girl boner for the South Station CVS) but also to those chicks that like to workout, love to try to new restaurants, drinks, DRANKS and have got a little bit of attitude/spunk/sass/chutzpah/*enter in fun ass adjective here*. I teach Spin at a couple locations in the city. It started as very small obsession when I decided to hit a class instead of going on my torturous 5k run to train for soccer preseason. I will be sure to upload playlists, post some ass kicking workouts and hopefully keep some of you readers motivated to not ditch on the daily sweat sess.

Happy reading everyone! Have a great week. The first official and themed post will be hitting your feeds shortly. 

exes and ohs  <– LMAO NO



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